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"Sahaja yoga is different from other yogas because it begins with Self-Realization."

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Devi Kavach

Oct 20, 2010

The Creation of GOD ( Udey ki Ambey )

 MOTHER  gave us an oportunity to make a video on the occassion of NAVARATRI 2010 Cultural eve.
The Theme of this Video is:
                                    In this Video(in Hindi language) Prakruthi(Nature) Narrates the beauty of what it has witnessed "The Creation of GOD" since Ages. it starts with how all the Maryadas are defined by Divine and are followed by even Animals.
                      The Flow Goes with the Most Imp thing GOD has INCORPORATED in Humans and since ages How Humans are trying to find the Truth within and how painfull is this to awaken the Kundalini. Still taking all the pains sadhakas used to try and achieve their selfrelisation. It also shows how people used to worship and praise DEVI as  'AMBA-BAI" to awaken within with the song(Udey ki Ambey udey, udey ki ambey udey) unknowingly.
                 Seeing this strong desire of Bhaktas the Formless(ADISHAKTHI) has to come down and take form and showers her blesses to all the YOGIS waiting for ATHMASAKSHATKAR.
The video ends with the song Udey ki Ambey.

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