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"Sahaja yoga is different from other yogas because it begins with Self-Realization."

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Devi Kavach

Nov 11, 2010


Today I wil tell you the importance of Puja. (86.05.24). lf Christ was the Son of God. What was the use of putting palm leaves for Him? Or to give Him oil, oil bath or to rub His feet with oil? lt is for you to get the advantage! (80.09.27).  Even among the earty Christians they used to do the Puja of the adoration to the statues,or, maybe, the photographs, or, You can say, the stained glass copies of the Mother and Christ. Later on, people started becoming more rational and they did not understandstarted the importance of Puja. And when they could not explain it, they gave uP could not explain it, they gave uP doing Pujas in that regular manner. Even before Christ, they used to have a particular type of a tabernacle which was measured and was specially made and Puja place was created to worship they call Yahovah. (86.05. 24)

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