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"Sahaja yoga is different from other yogas because it begins with Self-Realization."

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Devi Kavach

Apr 27, 2011

Introspection Techniques

So, we have to purify our nerves. In that morning meditation is must. If you are unable to meditate in the morning then you should understand that some or the other impurity has come within you. Some problem is there inside. Some or the other impure thoughts have come inside us which we have to see, know, understand and cleanse them. We have to turn towards ourselves and see which we call as introspection.

This for your wellbeing not for others. First of all you must sustain your own wellbeing. If you have different kind of impurities within you, because of that you have conditionings, you have habits, your have environment, and many other systems through which these six enemies keep sitting inside the human beings. These six enemies, which are within us, keep themselves hidden and every time they try to lift their heads and come up. So it is very important that we should not grieve or feel guilty and should not say bad about ourselves. You should not blame yourself in any way but try to throw them out of you. Like lotus, which comes up in any dirty, or rotten place. It comes up from all this filth and when it opens up spreads fragrance, it fills the atmosphere with its beautiful aroma. You are just like that lotus, if you were not then you would never had come in Sahaj Yoga neither you would have achieved it. You people are not insects. You are certainly lotuses. But, this lotus also has to work little hard to get protected, by looking at ourselves.

Morning meditation is meant to look towards ourselves that, what am I doing? What are the impurities within me? Do I get angry? How should I get over my anger? Do I have the desires, which are harming me and will destroy me? Why do I go there? Like this through introspection during your meditation you will come to know that which Chakra is catching within you and you have to clean it. You should clean the Chakra and then again sit in your meditation. It means that cleanliness and purification is to be done first. You have to cleanse your attention. In that little time you have to cleanse your mind. If you love yourself and if we are really selfish then we should know the meaning of this self and understand that what are we going to gain by this impurities and negativities. May be you gain some thing for a second and enjoyed. You should understand that even if you felt happy at that moment but you lost too much for that momentary happiness because you could not meditate means that your connection is not yet established. Now, there are many people who say that they meditate, so they meditate but it is not meditation. Therefore, it is very important to be truthful towards yourself. If we are not truthful towards ourselves then how can we be truthful towards others? This is for our own benefit. For our own good.


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